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The USAWorkforce Coalition was founded to advocate for policies that will close the nation's skills gap and ensure every American worker is better prepared to harness their full potential.

Today, millions of skilled labor jobs in a range of industries remain unfilled in the United States. With the adoption of the first overhaul of the nation's tax code in 30 years, millions of good-paying new jobs will be created. We need to make sure that American workers are prepared to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities that are the result of a vibrant, growing economy.

The top priority of the Coalition is the adoption of the USA Workforce Tax Credit, which would encourage individuals and corporations to make donations to nonprofits that provide apprenticeship training and workforce preparation skills for adults. The credit would also support a much needed expansion of scholarships that focus on K-12 students to ensure our young people are preparing to become the American workforce of the future.

Key Information on the USA Workforce Tax Credit Act:

1. Official Bill Number – H.R. 1739 (as introduced)

2. Sponsor – Representative Lloyd Smucker

3. Committee Assignment – Committee on Ways & Means

4. Current Status – Pending before Committee on Ways and Means

The proposed USA Workforce Tax Credit Act (H.R. 5153), which has been introduced by U.S. Representative Lloyd Smucker (R-Pennsylvania), seeks to help address the nation’s skill gap.

Presently, 6.7 million jobs are unfilled, including 451,000 manufacturing jobs, because Americans lack the requisite skills. At the same time 6.6 million Americans are unemployed.

Congressman Smucker’s USA Workforce Tax Credit legislation encourages charitable donations for community-based apprenticeship initiatives, career and technical education, workforce development, and K-12 educational preparedness.

Enacting this proposed legislation would meet the urgent need to ensure the preparation of current and future workers for the changing needs of the U.S. economy. Job creation and job preparation must go hand in hand.

Eligible nonprofit organizations that could receive tax-credited charitable donations include educational institutions, community organizations, training institutes, community colleges, scholarship groups, and nonprofits affiliated with labor unions and labor-management committees.

The tax credit would be capped at $2 billion annually, beginning in tax year 2019. One-half of the allocation would be set aside for job-preparation initiatives for adults (apprenticeship initiatives, career and technical education, and workforce development), with the remainder set aside for education preparedness scholarships for K-12 students. The ten-year fiscal impact of this program would total $20 billion. The Secretary of the Treasury is directed to develop an application process for awarding the tax credits on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The bill allows a maximum credit of $250,000 for individuals or corporations (capped at no more than 25 percent of a taxpayer’s overall tax bill).

Who We Are

The USA Workforce Coalition brings together skilled workers, labor unions, community groups, and businesses to ensure current workers and the next generation have the most cutting-edge training and skills to keep America a leader in quality manufacturing, construction, high-tech innovation and other industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the USA Workforce Coalition?

The USA Workforce Coalition is a national alliance of workers, businesses, community groups, faith-based organizations, scholarship organizations, and labor unions working in conjunction to close the nation's skills gap through greater investment in apprenticeship and career training education.

What do you mean by "skills gap"?

The "skills gap" refers to the millions of jobs that remain unfilled in the U.S. every year because not enough workers have the requisite training and expertise to take advantage of opportunities available in the local and national labor markets. This is a significant problem because it drives good-paying manufacturing, construction and technology jobs to other countries and takes away economic opportunities from talented, hard-working American workers.
America’s workforce must be ready to harness the full economic potential of the recent tax and jobs legislation passed in Washington. Ensuring every American worker has the skills they need to get a good-paying job must be a top priority.

Will the new federal tax cuts help close the skills gap?

As more and more jobs are created, the number of unfilled jobs could actually rise. The expected job growth that will result from the tax cuts in the manufacturing, construction, high-tech sector and other industries, presents a great opportunity for our nation. We need to make the most of this growth by expanding apprenticeship and career training programs that prepare Americans of all ages for careers in these burgeoning industries. Through greater workforce preparedness we can make the most of on the economic potential presented by the changes in the tax code.

What specific policies does the USA Workforce Coalition advocate?

The USA Workforce Coalition's top priority is advocating for President Trump and Congress to approve the USA Workforce Tax Credit. The USA Workforce Tax Credit would encourage individual and corporate donations to expand scholarships that support apprenticeship training, workforce preparation initiatives, and K-12 education.

How can I help?

You can be a part of this movement to build a stronger American workforce by encouraging any organizations to which you belong to join the USA Workforce Coalition. Second, please contact your local member of Congress and your state's U.S. Senators by using our Activation Center and urge them to support the USA Workforce Coalition and the USA Workforce Tax Credit.

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