Skilled Trades Are Paying the Big Bucks!

Let’s face it: we’ve let ourselves drink a bit too much of the “four-year college Kool Aid.” While plenty of careers out there certainly require a traditional college degree, there is an impressive number of attractive, lucrative job tracks that do not.

A ton of them are looking for qualified workers right this minute. And in many cases, they’re offering some serious dough.

As Nathan Phelps writes at the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

To find — and keep —  employees, companies like Truck Country offer their own training program and educational partnerships. Technical colleges around the state and region also serve as a training grounds and source for future workers. But the need for qualified and willing workers is still there —  and likely will be for some time.

“Trying to find a technician that has five years of experience is like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” said Roger Skemp, recruiting manager with McCoy Group, the parent company of Truck Country. “The good technicians, as long as they’re being taken care of, they’re just not leaving. So you have to be at top of benefits, have a good pay range and take care of your people.”

He said the company has technicians who make more than $100,000 a year. Truck Country operates 23 locations in six states in the Midwest and employs about 220 diesel technicians.

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