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Fixing Our Infrastructure Means Strengthening Our Labor Force

For all the talk on Capitol Hill about whether or not to take on an ambitious infrastructure plan like President Trump has spoken about frequently, we have to make sure one thing doesn’t get lost in the shuffle:

At the core of our infrastructure is our labor force. And if we can’t impart the right skills to the rising generation of workers, we’ll crumble.

As Natalia Castro writes at Sonoran News:

President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan won’t just be looking to refurbish the nation’s bridges and roads but is also aiming at reforming our nation’s educational institutions. To combat some of the most significant problems within our labor force and education system, President Trump has included a provision in his infrastructure plan that could increase access to non-college job training programs without increasing spending.

As the legislative outline for Trump’s infrastructure proposal explains, the American workforce is integral to a properly running country and economy. But with nearly seven million individuals around the country looking for work and six million unfilled jobs, America’s skills gaps are leaving workers behind…

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