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Ivanka Trump on the Need for Skills-based Education

Wise words from one of America’s most well-known entrepreneurs!

The members of the USA Workforce Coalition believe that closing our skills gap and further boosting our economy will require a renewed focus on vocational training and apprenticeship programs that high schools and four-year colleges have increasingly ignored. We can and must be better– and Ivanka Trump agrees.

Check her latest opinion piece over at Fox News:

Skill-based education is crucial to putting more Americans on a path to promising careers – and filling the jobs of the future, as well as those that are vacant today. Yet for too long, we have failed to recognize the importance of practical, skill-based learning.

The Trump administration is committed to expanding 21st century opportunities through affordable workforce development programs.

In addition to the many administrative actions we have taken to advance workforce development, the president’s recent infrastructure proposal, sent to Congress last month, would greatly amplify and expand this effort.

Currently, there are 6.3 million unfilled job openings in our country – the highest number on record. Of these, 250,000 are in construction; 427,000 in manufacturing; and more than 500,000 in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). These are among the most critical industries in rebuilding our country’s crumbling infrastructure.

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