Joe Nocera: “Apprenticeships could do a lot to close the skills gap.”

In a recent Bloomberg View column, Joe Nocera offers his “A real-life suggestion for a reality-show employer.”

Nocera notes that, “A study conducted this summer [2017] by the National Center for the Middle Market at Ohio State University found that 44 percent of mid-market companies said they had difficulty recruiting people who had the skills they needed. Some 37 percent said their growth was constrained by a lack of talent.”

He goes on to say, “The solution, obviously, is to get prospective workers the skills training they need. But this turns out to be something the U.S. is not very good at.”

He’s right – job training and apprenticeship programs will help get Americans working, reduce the unemployment rate even further, and grow our economy.

Most importantly, as Nocera points out, “In a good apprenticeship program, unskilled workers would be guided by mentors, get on-the-job training and take narrowly tailored classes in community college.”

This approach to job training and economic stimulation would benefit workers, employers and unions, making it a win-win-win.  

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