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The Truth About the Skills Gap

From the biggest national outlets to the smallest local newspapers, our labor force’s current shortage certain trade skills compared to the number of available jobs is a topic that’s more than simply buzzworthy– it poses a significant challenge for the present and future of our economy.

But when we talk about the skills gap, what is it that we’re actually zeroing in on?

According to the latest post on the BAG Blog, courtesy of our friends at Bridging America’s Gap:

The “Skills Gap” has been referenced in recent media, mentioned regularly amongst industries and businesses, but how is the “Skills Gap” defined? Well, there are several different ways to define it, and one of my favorites is the difference between what an employer expects a new employee to be able to do on day one and what the employee is actually capable of doing. What causes this disconnect, and what can be done about it?

Why does that difference in expectation and reality even exist and is that the true Gap? The 2016 McKinsey and Company report, Education to Employment, highlights some of the interesting facts behind the Skills Gap. Surprisingly, while over 72% of educators and teachers believed that their students were ready for the work world right out of school, less than 50% of students and employers agreed with that belief. That is a Real Gap!

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