This Automaker is Rising to the Challenge

For countless firms in the manufacturing sector, the problem always seems to be the same: finding the right number of well-trained skilled labor professionals. Kudos to Volvo for embracing collaboration to reach that goal in South Carolina–and then some.

As Riia O’Donnell writes at HR Dive:

With a $1.2 billion manufacturing facility scheduled to open in South Carolina in September, Volvo has partnered with a local college to fill the 1,500 jobs the plant will need to run, The Post and Courier reports

Volvo joins a growing list of companies feeling the skills gap in manufacturing. Estimates put the amount of unfilled openings across production plants at over 300,000 in 2017 – the highest in over a decade. With an aging manufacturing workforce, those numbers are expected to increase.

Employers in manufacturing have taken various creative steps to address the skills gap. Like Volvo, Toyota and Mazda have partnered with local government and nonprofits in Alabama. And to lure jobs to their state, many communities are offering to recruit and train workers, in addition to providing tax incentives.

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