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Why Expanding Apprenticeships is a No-brainer

Companies that place an emphasis on paid on-the-job training programs are reaping the benefits– and there are many.

As Christopher J. MacKenzie writes at the Boston Business Journal:

For employers, the benefits are clear and often outweigh the costs. According to one study by the Economics & Statistics Administration, apprenticeships improve overall company performance and provide a competitive advantage over other firms. Specifically, companies gain the following:

  • Production: The value of output by apprentices and a reduction in errors.
  • Workforce: Reduced turnover, improved recruitment, and a pipeline of skilled employees and future managers.
  • Soft skills: Improved employee engagement, greater problem-solving ability, flexibility to perform a variety of tasks and a reduced need for supervision.

For employees, registered apprenticeship programs provide a path to a career, college and high school credit hours, technical instruction, and certification as a qualified journeyman, among other benefits.

For the sake of our economy and the rising generation of American workers, we must do more to push for apprenticeship programs in every industry. That’s why we need to pass the USA Workforce Tax Credit Act.

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